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Outcomes Reporting System that Benefits Users by...

Benchmarking Performance

“In comparing the monthly data we realized that one of our units had a readmit rate three times that of the other units. We now have a Six-Sigma blackbelt looking into the issue as a process improvement project.”

  • Facilitates Clinical Research

  • Determines if Rapid Response Teams Matter

  • Monitors Adherence to Transfusion Guidelines

  • Includes Comparative Data Initiative (CDI) I More

Saving Data Abstraction Time

“With ICUTracker we spend about 5 minutes per chart compared

to at least 45 minutes per chart with our manual system.”

  • Collects All Data

  • Requires no coding or programming knowledge

  • Profiles Infected Patients

  • Provides Physician Specific Reports

  • Monitors Glucose Control

Capturing All Charges

“We noticed that the ventilator data seemed wrong. Upon further investigation we realized that the ventilator billing was incomplete, resulting in significant lost revenue to the hospital. ICUTracker® allowed us to correct the discrepancies and capture all legitimate hospital charges.”

  • Evaluates Hypothermia Treatment Efficacy

  • Closely Monitors of VAP and Central Line Infections

Identifying Data Errors

“We learned that the admitting office was using a discharge code rather than a transfer code as patients moved from unit to unit. Correcting this situation resulted in more accurate length-of-stay data. Since all LOS data had been seen only in the aggregate, the hospital personnel were unaware of the problem. We would never have identified this process problem without ICUTracker.”

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