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Outperforms Alternative Systems...

ICUTracker outcomes software automatically collects billing, lab, ADT and pharmacy information together in one easy-to-use package. The comments below are just some of the reasons ICUs are switching from Project Impact (now Cerner Critical Outcomes) software and alternative data collection methods to ICUTracker.

“Project Impact was too labor intensive to be practical —

with ICUTracker we now see 100% of our data and it’s collected automatically, not manually."

"Using ICUTracker software, clinicians could look closely at their aggregate patient data and noticed that the ventilator data seemed wrong. Upon further investigation they realized that the ventilator billing was incomplete, resulting in significant lost revenue to the hospital."

"The extensive manual collection required for Project Impact forced Quality to look at

only a random sample of their patient data. With ICUTracker Quality gets 100% of the data,

most of it automatically, allowing near-time outcomes monitoring."

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