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Includes Benchmarking Reports

MDN is pleased to announce the availability of  ICUTracker Comparative Data Initiative (CDI)  Reports for ICUTracker subscribers. A wide range of reports, such as those shown below, are available, on a quarterly and annual basis, and include several new reports requested by our users.

Available Reports Include:

  • Demographics

  • Admissions, Total

  • Readmissions within 24hours (%)

  • Length of Stay Statistics, Unit (Days)

  • Length of Stay Statistics, Hospital (Days)

  • Mortality, Unit (%)

  • Mortality, Hospital (%)

  • Standardized Mortality Ratio

  • Hospital Discharge Disposition (%)

  • Ventilator Reports

  • Ventilated Population (%)

  • Reventilated Population (%)

  • Reventilated within 24hours

  • Ventilator Day Statistics

  • Ventilator Days, Minimum and Maximum

  • Glycemic Control

  • Glucose measurements of:
    <40, <70, >140, >180 (%)

  • Patients with at least one glucose measurement of:
    <40, <70, >140, >180 (%)

  • Glucose Statistics

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