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ICUTracker Helps Ventura County Medical Center

Win Top Honors in Quality Leader Awards

VCMC's "Improving Critical Care Outcomes – the Future of ICU Data Collection and Analysis" was a Top Honors winner in the California Association of Public Hospitals/SafetyNet Institute (CAPH/SNI)


VCMC used web-based ICUTracker to automate data gathering activities, allowing more time for analyzing ICU outcomes data, and thus optimizing ICU quality and performance.


Prior to implementing ICUTracker, VCMC’s ICU had instituted best-practices protocols/bundles and was gathering information daily. But their staff was drowning in mountains of hand-gathered data without the time or resources to analyze whether the many ‘improvements’ they had undertaken were actually having a positive effect on our patient outcomes. In their last quarters of the 2-year grant (ending December 2009) VCMC, along with ICUTracker, have taken an existing program to the next level and created a totally automated data collection and analysis system for ICU.


According to VCMC, they, along with MAS, feel that they have blazed a trail for other ICUs to follow and that this is definitely the wave of the future in automated hospital data collection – a necessary step that must eventually be faced by all hospitals - not only to meet regulatory requirements but to assure quality patient care.

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