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Medical Decision Network Acquires ICUTracker

from Alere Informatics Solutions

ICUTracker provides critical data for critical care units and

helps improve overall outcomes and quality

Charlottesville, VA –August 31, 2014- Medical Decision Network, LLC (MDN), announced today that it has acquired the ICUTracker business from Alere Informatics Solutions.


Developed by a leader in hospital interfacing at the point-of-care*, the ICUTracker features an easy-to-use, network-based and menu-driven software; collects ‘the right data’ from a wide range of hospital systems; and generates aggregate, ‘action-plan’ reports with a few clicks of a mouse.


“MDN was the original owner of the ICUTracker® technology,” said Greg Menke, president of MDN. “The technology was acquired by Alere in October of 2011, and the business unit was renamed Alere Informatics solutions. We are excited about re-acquiring the technology and continuing to work with our many valued customers”, adds Menke.

Questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us at (866) 791-6108 or send an email to Greg Menke at .


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